Start With Why

I’m just coming to the end of reading Start With Why, by Simon Sinek (check out his website here), and it’s completely altered my perception of life (I love it when a book does that).

It’s primarily a business book, but it has relevance to so many other areas of our lives and I strongly urge you to get a copy and study it! The main thing I’ve learned, which is the main focus of the book, is to lead with WHY you are doing something rather than what you’re actually doing. Once you realise what is driving you to do WHAT you do then you can really tighten up HOW you do it…and it all stems from that core belief, that WHY.

I decided to use what I’ve learned in this book to realign with what is most important to me, my driving force for what I want to achieve in the world, and that is my belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. This has made it clearer to me what I need to do in a daily basis, and how I must do it.

It also means that I believe that I should be working to achieve my greatest potential, which has given me a renewed motivation to achieve my own goals as well as helping others with theirs!

What’s your WHY?


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