Streamlining life

After watching a documentary called The Minimalists (check out the trailer here, and the whole thing on Netflix) I decided there is far too much junk in my life, and it’s time to streamline! The less clutter in my life, the more clearly I can think, and the better I can function when working on my goals of helping people improve their own lifestyles. Check out the video below where I give a bit more of an intro.

I started taking the first steps a couple of days ago, clearing out a bunch of stuff I didn’t need, and also looking at the Project 333 malarkey with regards to cleaning out my wardrobe. It’s taken me a couple of days to get to 33 items but I’ve done it! So for March/April/May these are the only clothes I’ll be wearing:

  1. White singlet vest, ribbed
  2. White singlet vest, plain
  3. Nike SB Solar trainers
  4. Brown oxfords
  5. White V-neck tee
  6. Blue Salt Rock tee
  7. Green No Fear boardies
  8. Blue denim shorts
  9. Black zip hoodie
  10. Aviators
  11. Watch
  12. Black V-neck tee
  13. Black crew neck tee
  14. Black notch neck long-sleeve
  15. Cream skinny trousers
  16. Blue skinny jeans
  17. Brown leather belt
  18. Red tie
  19. Blue tie
  20. Blue suit jacket
  21. Blue waistcoat
  22. Blue suit trousers
  23. Grey suit jacket
  24. Grey suit trousers
  25. Light blue jacket
  26. White shirt
  27. Dark blue shirt
  28. Check shirt
  29. Denim shirt
  30. Flip flops (not pictured)
  31. Blue H24 shorts (not pictured)
  32. H24 coat (not pictured)
  33. Grey peacoat (not pictured)

Project 333 doesn’t include underwear, gymwear, or pyjamas/loungewear, so none of that is pictured. However, I have even put away a large amount of gymwear as I had too much! The clothes I have put away filled a large suitcase, and that was after I took a binliner full to the charity shop.

Madness! I don’t even wear half of this stuff, so if this goes well I’ll probably send a bunch more to charity. Check out the origins of Project 333 here.

This is just the starting point, but I’m already feeling much more free. Here’s to the next steps!

Have you ever tried the minimalist philosophy in your own life? How did you get on?


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