It’s On You…

After a number of years working with clients in the health and fitness industry, I wanted to share with you the biggest challenge most people are facing when trying to reach their goals:


Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? The reason it sounds obvious to you is probably because you’ve been there, same as the rest of us! ‘I want to lose weight, I just can’t stick at anything!’ ‘I want to eat more healthily and feel better in myself, but I don’t have the willpower!’ and the list of common phrases goes on ad infinitum.

So I guess thats the bad news, but what is the good news? Well, your level of motivation is completely controlled by YOU.

Many people seem to believe that motivation is something external, something which is done TO you…as a personal trainer and coach I am always asked to ‘motivate’ people…but in reality true motivation is internal, controlled and developed by the individual. Take the following example: if I were to work with you 1-to-1 as a run-of-the-mill personal trainer I would be able to motivate you during our sessions to work hard and push yourself, but between sessions it would be more difficult to keep you motivated to work out and eat well. In order to have the same kind of motivational effect as I did in our session, I would need to be on the phone or in your presence 24 hours a day to keep you on track! Is this motivation, or just extreme accountability? Now on the other hand, say I worked with you on your mindset and helped you develop and understand strategies to improve your own intrinsic motivation, the chances of you staying true to your goals is much more likely.

This is so key: you can LEARN to be motivated. It’s a skill, it’s learnable, and it’s teachable! It’s all based on strategies and frameworks which anyone can implement into their lives, whether you’re looking to lose body fat, excel in a sport, or improve your health and fitness in any other way. There are books, courses, videos, audios, blog, and of course coaches like myself, all of which can help you learn the practical side of building motivation and willpower, and therefore setting yourself up for success.

I have learned so much about this topic from my own struggles with motivation, and through working with hundreds of clients, but more recently I have decided to make this more of a primary focus. I have even written a free ‘Motivation Cheat Sheet’ which will give you a simple 4-step framework you can start using right now to improve your motivation!

You can get hold of your copy for FREE by clicking here


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