Real people, real life

I received this email in response to one I sent out to my mailing list (sign up here) regarding the link between exercise/healthy lifestyle and mental health. It really touched me, and after checking with the sender I wanted to share it with you all: Hello Jay. Thank you for the awesome email. I really … Continue reading Real people, real life

Love/Hate: Musings on Body Confidence

I read an article this week which a friend had shared on facebook about a 'fat-acceptance activist' who died at age 34 of a heart attack. It turned out the story was satire (read it here), but still it got me thinking. Before I get into my thoughts I want to make it totally clear that … Continue reading Love/Hate: Musings on Body Confidence

The Struggle Is Real!

This is a tough one to post, as for me it's very important to stay positive and not dwell on challenges for long. However, I feel like this is a prime example of taking a challenge and turning it into an opportunity, which is something I'm trying to learn to do more and more! I'm … Continue reading The Struggle Is Real!

It’s On You…

After a number of years working with clients in the health and fitness industry, I wanted to share with you the biggest challenge most people are facing when trying to reach their goals: Motivation. Seems pretty obvious doesn't it? The reason it sounds obvious to you is probably because you've been there, same as the … Continue reading It’s On You…

Streamlining life

After watching a documentary called The Minimalists (check out the trailer here, and the whole thing on Netflix) I decided there is far too much junk in my life, and it's time to streamline! The less clutter in my life, the more clearly I can think, and the better I can function when working on my … Continue reading Streamlining life

Why do we train?

There are so many reasons people train: sports performance, aesthetic goals and confidence, mobility, health reasons such as diabetes...and the list goes on. I think I've probably put myself in most of these categories at one time or another, but I've never felt truly 'at home'. Seeing as it's very important to me to have … Continue reading Why do we train?

The Fittest Man in History

So the other night we sat down to watch Froning: The Fittest Man in History, and I have to say it was really bloody good! It was a fantastic insight into the work ethic and dedication of a man who has committed himself to being the best in his chosen field, into the mindset and attitude … Continue reading The Fittest Man in History

Start With Why

I'm just coming to the end of reading Start With Why, by Simon Sinek (check out his website¬†here), and it's completely altered my perception of life (I love it when a book does that). It's primarily a business book, but it has relevance to so many other areas of our lives and I strongly urge … Continue reading Start With Why