“Jay is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. He has the enviable skill of being able to offer the correct advice and support without coming across as ‘pushy’, and perfectly balances understanding and living in the ‘real’ world with encouragement and inspiration. I have started working out and am toning up nicely, I eat better and drink more, and these things have really made the difference. Jay’s support is frequent enough to be encouraging, but infrequent enough not to feel like pressure. However, it is these occasional nudges that I receive that remind me to keep these new habits up until they become a natural part of my daily routine. I have also sought Jay out for advice with regards to processed foods, sugars, wholegrains, and other dietary queries, and he is always happy to help and pass on his knowledge. Most importantly, through Jay I have found a way around my usual ‘excuses’ (busy/anxiety/children/money…) not to work out and eat better, and am at long last well on my way to achieving the healthy body that I desire – and it’s ALL in my terms.”