“I met Jay last year as I wanted to get fitter and lose some weight. Originally I wanted to focus on running and build up distance, until I realised how much I enjoyed (well not sure that was the case all the time!) our resistance training. I felt amazing after just a couple of weeks and soon began to see the changes too. After a 12 week programme with Jay I had lost a stone in weight, dropped 10% body fat and had gained 4% muscle. It wasn’t just about the physical results though, Jay taught me a huge amount about health, nutrition, diet and generally helped me to make sense of why we were doing what we were doing. Trust me, that’s good info to know when you’re having an off day or need the will to keep pushing harder. I’ve never felt better and wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for more sessions to give me a boost. I never thought I’d need a personal trainer, but honestly it’s invaluable and Jay really knows his stuff.”