“Jay and I met over a year ago when I was not in a particularly good place health-wise (mental or physical): age and a long term eating disorder were catching up on me and I wasn’t sure which way to turn, if any. I deliberated long and hard about whether to start PT, embarrassed about my lack of fitness, feeling frumpy and dumpy but felt the fear and did it anyway. From the outset I have been brutally honest with Jay about how my illness manifests itself and it was a case of slowly, slowly catchy monkey from his point of view, as his integrity would not allow him to over-train me without addressing the dietary deficiencies I held on to. Jay was, I hope, genuinely proud when I started on my journey of eating, very little but with more regularity and I have continued to receive his support on a sometimes hard and emotional path both personally and professionally. We haven’t always agreed on our viewpoints during our ‘chats’ but I have gained the ability to judge a bit less and process different view points – some of which have been most helpful. The main thing that Jay has helped me with is confidence and self belief, irrespective of my weight or how many sit-ups I can or can’t do. I now believe I can achieve and value myself so much more than I did, sitting at home believing the menopause was all I had to look forward to. Due to work commitments I am having a ‘holiday’ from coaching for a few weeks but am swimming as much as possible and if I fall off the healthy wagon I have been given the skills to get right back on it. I have a lot of time for Jay and his sweet family and wish him and them every success for the future. Don’t get too complacent Jay…”I will be back!”