“I met Jay last year at work. I found out he was a personal trainer and at this point I had lost the weight I wanted and I just needed to tone up. I had always been into fitness but this time I need some real motivation like I used to have. People always said ‘oh you don’t need to lose any weight, you’re tiny as it is’ but I most definitely didn’t feel that way and Jay saw that there was still room for improvement. I started an 8 week programme and It was designed perfectly to fit into my lifestyle, in and around work. He pushed me to my limits and I won’t lie, at some points I wanted to shout at him and give up haha but at the end I achieved the results I wanted! He gave me the motivation and determination to stay fit and healthy. Jay didn’t just help me get in shape but he gave me the knowledge and understanding about healthy foods. I went from doing a run in the morning to now going to the gym 5-6 times a week. What’s even better is that I’ve kept the weight off! Spose I best say thanks Jay! I’d 100% recommend.”